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Session of the General Meetings of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv, 21.05.2019) : 232
VIII International Congress Implementation of modern medical science achievements in the practice of health care (Kyiv, 17-19.04.2019) : 233 - 234
Full member of the NAMS of Ukraine Yu. I. Feshchenko is 70 : 235
Correspondent member of the NAMS of Ukraine M. P. Zaharash is 75 : 236
Correspondent member of the NAMS of Ukraine V. O. Malanchuk is 70 : 237
Correspondent member of the NAMS of Ukraine M. I. Polyshchuk is 75 : 238
Correspondent member of the NAMS of Ukraine T. F. Tatarchuk is 60 : 239
Yuriy I. Hubskiy : 240


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